Alabama Lake Levels

There were some states this past summer of 2012 that were grossly affected by the worst drought conditions seen in years. One of these states was Alabama. The state of Alabama is releasing waters from the dams at intervals as lake levels were and continue to be at an all-time low. While there is a schedule for water released, this schedule can change at any time. The state of Alabama is asking people to enjoy the beauty of the lakes, but to use caution when on the water. Lakes that are situated in near proximity to the dams are dangerous, because when waters are released from the dams they become hazardous. Changes in water levels can also cause concern for people’s safety. Alabama’s rainy season is during the winter and spring, and weather changes can cause water changes very suddenly.

When the dams are opened more frequently during these times, it causes changes in the lakes that people need to be aware of and stay on alert if they are on the lake. They will need to do all they can to protect themselves and their property such as boats, water equipment and home properties. Because of the drought conditions the state of Alabama is trying to build up water levels in its reservoirs. If these droughts continue to increase Alabama will continue to try to conserve as much water as possible, and then release reservoirs into the lakes to help raise lake levels.

The state has provided citizens with an informational phone number for citizens to call and keep up on the changing Alabama lake levels. This important phone number to keep handy is as follows:
Alabama Power’s automated information system-800–Lakes11 (525-3711)
This number will give residents and tourists all the information that they will need on Alabama lakes, streams and river levels. It will also inform residents just when hydroelectric facilities will open spill gates. This will rapidly churn up the waters and make lake waters near dam sites very dangerous. Read schedules and know when spill gates will open. Better yet, do not take boats or swim near these spill gates, in order to practice safety first.

When Alabama weather changes and rain does come in access it can change Alabama lake levels quickly. Their lakes can rise quickly, so the state continues to caution it residents to practice safety at all times. Alabama has numerous lakes, streams, and rivers that tourists and residents flock to every year. People enjoy the water activities in Alabama, but one must read the news provided by the state about their water conditions, and how the rain can cause serious concerns on the water, and just how their hydro-generation plants work in regards to lake levels. Alabama is doing all they can in order provide tourists and residents a safe and fun Alabama holiday.

The water in Alabama is one of the state’s greatest natural commodities. The state emphasizes respect to their water systems, and wants everyone to understand that their waters provide transportation needs, food, recreations and energy needs to the state. The state of Alabama provides hydroelectric power to residents. The water in Alabama provides economic opportunity, plus recreation adventures. The waters supply irrigation to neighbors, and fresh clean drinking water for residents, tourists, water life, and wildlife. Alabama Power utilizes flood control to residents and tourists alike. Alabama says that it relies on their lake levels to sustain life of everyone in their state.

If you are a tourist or a resident wanting to participate in water activities, know the Alabama lake levels, and the levels of streams, and rivers before going out on the water. Know the schedule of the spill gates, and beware of lake areas adjacent to the dams. Don’t be caught off guard and get hurt, injured or become a casualty of death while enjoying your time on any of Alabama water systems.